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Level 4 – 2019

This coming year, please mark your calendars for these special Seimei events

April-September:  Level IV Yuri Ho in Japan.   (Click on “Level 4 – 2019” above.)

Kari Kibetsu (First Stage of Receiving Power of Hongen-Second Stage is in Japan)

April 25, 2019 Kari Kibestu in Santa Fe

June 20, 2019 Kari Kibestu in Santa Fe

Monthly, 2019 Kari Kibetsu New Jersey

Monthly, 2019 Kari Kibetsu New Jersey

May 30-June 4/5: Gohonzon Trip/Festival Trip

(Leave Thursday May 30, arrive May 31 Friday. Spend night in Saga (Route Inn or APA); go up mountain Saturday (transportation provided but there is a cost), spend the night at the large Temple Shosenji ($50), visit Hongen Do ($20) meditation hall, bathe (included), supper and breakfast are included; participate in Festival (Heathy Body) and do personal ceremonies there; return Sunday evening to Shodaikai in small temple ($50) or hotel. If you do one Shodaikai it’s $50, if you do both, it is $70.00. Monday you can chant and participate in lecture if available. Monday afternoon/evening is free time. The Gohonzon ceremony is Tuesday morning June 4. You can leave after and go into Fukuoka for the evening and leave the 5thor later depending on your preference from Fukuoka airport. Or you can come in early, rest and shop, and get into Saga by Friday. Or just come to the Festival and enjoy getting extra Jyouka for your intentions, a Jyoumouden bath, and the mediation hall, Hongen Dou.

“The Gohonzon symbolizes the manifestation of your Houjyu’s relationship with Hongen.  The reason you go and get it yourself, is because it is attuned to the Kibetsu of your Houjyu. Your  Gohonzon is returned to the temple upon your passing. If you are serious about getting to know your Seimei, you will want a Gohonzon for your home and/or a personal pocket one.” (Kouken)

Budget: airfare (on your own); lodging $200+ (depending on how many nights you stay and where you stay); personal ceremony at festival (optional) $200, food ($100); Gohonzons (large: $500/small $300, pocket $300); Hongen Do ($20-30); transportation $60 (up and down mountain, one trip); bus to Fukuoka (on own.) Approximately: $1700 without outside activities in Fukuoka, shopping, etc.

Please contact Nicola at: nicola.seimei@gmail.comno later than March 30, 2019 if you plan on attending and receiving your Gohonzon.


June 20-23, 2019

Teaching Visit: Santa Fe, New Mexico 

Group and Individual Instruction

Mentoring for students to receive individual instruction on their form and deepen their practice based on their interests.

Jissen Kai Thursday 20, 2019. Kyouke (Personal Wellness) Sessions throughout the weekend.


 Kibetsu Juyo for those interested in going to Japan 4thSunday 28th


Kibetsu Juyo for those interested in going to Japan 4thSunday 25th



Lesson 2 in Santa Fe (Oct. 17-20)

Level V cycle begins: 1stweekend of each month (8 classes required-no class January or August)

Level IV cycle begins 1stweekend of each month (5 classes-none in August)

December Classes

Lesson 3 in Santa Fe December 5-8, 2019

 2020: Teaching Center and Kari Kibetsu are in Morristown NJ and Santa Fe, NM

Lesson 3 and Kari Kibetsu Weekend February 16-19 in Santa Fe

Lesson 4 and Kari Kibetsu Weekend April 16-19 in Santa Fe

Lesson 5 and Kari Kibetsu Weekend June 18-21 in Santa Fe

For information in Santa Fe contact: Alexandra Bakos: 505.577.7511

For information in New Jersey contact: Nicola Bertolo: 908.672.5126

For information in Washington State contact: Joan Woolard: 509.430.8867