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As part of the followup with your kakusei/mentee, please consider having them get their Gohonzon in Japan after completing the classes. “The Gohonzon symbolizes the manifestation of your Houjyu’s relationship with Hongen.  The reason you go and get it yourself, is because it is attuned to the Kibetsu of your Houjyu. Your  Gohonzon is returned to the temple upon your passing. If you are serious about getting to know your Seimei, you will want a Gohonzon for your home and/or a personal pocket one.” (Kouken)

For information in Santa Fe contact: Alexandra Bakos: 505.577.7511

For information in New Jersey contact: Nicola Bertolo: 908.672.5126

For information in Washington State contact: Joan Woolard: 509.430.8867