Levels I-III: What Will You Learn?

Level I: Theory, Practical Application, Foundation & Form*

Level II: Seimei Sessions, Theory & Practical Application and Long Distance

Level III: Mental Application, Discernment, Advanced Theory

Levels IV and V now available


Begin your Journey in Japan

Let Your Buddha Nature Experience Seimei Where It All Began!

Overview: Begin your Seimei experience by traveling to Japan to participate in the Go Juki No Gi Ceremony, or the "Awarding of Power" for Levels I-III.

Take this unique opportunity to be with experienced Japanese Seimei instructors, many of whom have been practicing for more than twenty-five years. They are responsible for the practical applications we currently employ and continue to develop new techniques. The more people that do Seimei the faster the results so updates to practical application and form increase effectiveness. This is one reason for continuing education.

In Japan, you will be immersed in a Buddhist culture much different than ours. In Japan Seimei is a contemporary form of Buddhism and Hiraki is honored as the founder of Seimei throughout the temples in Japan. Seimei levels the playing field for all those who go through the Awarding of Power ceremony; everyone begins with the power and then the journey becomes a personal one.

The curriculum includes practice at a Seimei temple, where you will interact with Japanese practitioners. Be ready to be amazed at the reception you’ll receive and how quickly relationships are formed. Language is not a barrier. Translators will relate what is transpiring around you. The Seimei USA group is well taken care of and we receive excellent instruction and care while we practice at the Houjyushu Houjyukai Temple.  There is a specific form and way to practice Seimei to get a good result. You must be able to hold your hands/arms out in front of you to practice Seimei.

No two experiences are alike. We hope you will join us. There is nothing like Seimei. Come awaken your Buddha Nature (Seimei) in Japan, and develop your own relationship with your own Buddha Nature. Call the office for an interview if you are interested in the emotional, financial, and time commitments of empowering your Seimei.


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Integrated Living

After 50 hours of training, you will emerge a Level III Seimei Practitioner which will allow you to work long distance and in person. Now the studies truly begin-how to deepen your journey with your own Seimei-integrating mind, body and your awakened Seimei into your personal interests. This integration obviously requires time to develop. The Founder and the Foundation provide a structure so we learn to use our Seimei correctly. The cornerstone of this sustaining and self-renewing process is the Jissen-kai (Jissen meeting practice and Kai-meeting place.) It is best to take the classes with a friend who lives in the same vicinity for enriched practice because Seimei is a practice that takes practice. You help design your own practice after learning Level III advanced skills and there is no limit to what you can do with your Seimei. Instructors help you along the way.

New Jersey Classes:

Please call (973) 427-4530

Washington Classes:

Please call (509) 430-8867

Level I part I is the awarding of power and approximately 10 hours of practice in Japan. Level I part II is the next class along with beginning Level II. The remainder of the classes are Levels II and III.  You must travel at your own expense to the teaching centers in either New Jersey or Washington state where the head teacher, Nicola Bertolo (Level 8) teaches. Please call the regional offices for  more information.



You must attend all advanced classes (held in Japan) and have completed practicum for Levels I-III. Please contact the office for more details on participating and graduating from the higher levels.