From Birth through Death
And Everything In Between
Seimei is for Life

Pregnancy & Birthing with Seimei 


I can't thank Nicola and other Seimei practitioners enough for working on me throughout my pregnancy. Towards the end of my pregnancy, my blood pressure kept tracking on the high side (due no doubt to intense stress working right up until my due date) and my baby was breach at 35 weeks. My midwife required me to take my blood pressure three times daily at home and report to her - it thankfully stayed just within the necessary range. I tried hypnosis, floating around in a pool, all of the breach exercises I could find, diet, rest, acupuncture, journaling and writing to baby to move around, massage, cranio and ostopathic work, and, of course, Seimei like crazy in those last few weeks. During my birth, my blood pressure again went up and I was on the brink of having to go to the hospital, while determined if at all possible to have a home birth. I strongly believe that Nicola's Seimei sessions played a key role in keeping my blood pressure manageable enough so that I was not in danger of crossing the line to pre-eclampsia and greatly helped in turning my daughter to a head down position so that I was able to have her safely at home.

I had the unique experience of traveling to Japan to learn Seimei when I was 4 months pregnant, so my daughter absorbed a lot of Seimei exposure from the very beginning. As such, my daughter came into the world calmly without crying. Her eyes were alert and curious and she was able to crawl up my tummy and start nursing almost immediately. I am very grateful and I would highly recommend any pregnant mother to try Seimei.  JL: 2016

Note: This is just one example of the effectiveness of Seimei on lowering blood pressure during the birthing process.

Seimei and Early Childhood

There have been many times when I would have been frantic if I didn't have Seimei to help my children. My son, age 7, was waking up every morning with severe abdominal pain; it was so bad that he couldn't eat anything. I took him to the Doctor and she couldn't find anything wrong. I then used Semei on him and after a few sessions, his pain was completely gone. He now asks me to do Seimei on him when he is not feeling well.

- L.D.

Seimei Used to Relieve Anxiety

There is a technique we learned in Lesson One which can relieve anxiety. I have relieved panic attacks before a basketball game or exam, or a high performance moment. As a sports professional, there is nothing like it: quick, easy, and effective. I can count on it always, don't have to carry anything, and sometimes I am still amazed at how fast it works.


Seimei Increasing Range of Motion-Different Perspectives

When I came in, I had limited range of motion in my neck and a pulling sensation from my neck to my waist on the right side. After the Seimei session, I had good range of motion and was pain-free. C.P.


"Betsy was wonderful in helping me with my carpal tunnel and migraine headaches due to the slipped discs in my neck.  After one session I felt considerably better and am happy to report that I have not had a migraine headache since.  The sensation in my hand is also back for the most part and have thankfully avoided surgery.  I would highly recommend her; she is extremely knowledgeable, sincere and her work speaks for itself."
A.G.,Chester, NY


“Although I’d love to say this is typical result,  it is not. Many variables affect symptoms, but with regular sessions, acute or chronic conditions will definitely improve!  As a practitioner, I love the challenge and clients love not needing surgery or decreasing recovery time if they do. Using a holistic modality that they can actually feel immediate, positive results, which is awesome and rewarding for both of us.”

Betsy Mailler, Practitioner


Seimei Used to Relieve Heal Severe Burns Quickly

The husband of a friend is a plumber who had a boiler blow up in his face. After visiting the emergency room and being told he would have a long recovery, his wife called me to do Seimei. After I worked on him, he went for a follow-up visit with his doctors who were amazed by the amount of tissue healing, especially around the ears where the majority of his aggressive second degree burns had occurred. R.R.



Note: Seimei is particularly effective, when combined with medical treatment and monitoring for severe burns and has consistently reduced recovery time.

Seimei When Nothing Else Works

I am 26 years old and have a variety of health problems. I have tried many things which I don't want to name. I almost didn't want to believe in Seimei so I wouldn't have to be disappointed. It has taken six sessions to begin to make a dent in my problems, which I have had for years. I just want everyone to know that Seimei works, whether one believes in alternatives or not. It is truly so powerful that it's hard to get the mind around it. E.W. 

- E.W.

Results Increasing with Learning Seimei


I became and continue to be a Seimei Practitioner because I did not like traveling in a wheelchair and being dependent on pain management for a semblance of functioning.
At age 59, I developed an exceedingly painful, progressively debilitating condition that was costing me my ability to walk. For more than a year, I aggressively pursued diagnosis and treatment through traditional medicine as well as holistic alternatives without success.
In May 2002, I was introduced to a "miracle worker", Nicola Bertolo, lead instructor of Seimei, at a Business Card Exchange Breakfast. In utter desperation I said, "I'm your next client. What time can I see you today?" Nicola demonstrated the benefits of Seimei to me twice a week for three months. Following these demonstrations, I was walking (up to 4 or 5 blocks) and experiencing significantly less pain. In August 2002, Nicola explained that my particular condition could only further improve by me taking responsibility for my own healing. I knew I could do this using my Seimei. I truly know that anyone can do this, because I did. I enrolled in the class and my results have been dramatic.

- John Vas Korlis, Member

Testimonials — Seimei on Pets

Seimei on Horses

My horse, Scotty, panicked and fell in his stall. He had soft tissue damage with fluids in his stifle joints and misaligned vertabrae, becoming lame. He could have spent the rest of his life just as a companion horse. With the Seimei charms and lots of Seimei sessions, no more adjustments were needed and the Vet couldn't believe the results. He soon let himself out to wander! He is now allowing young children to sit on him and is a different horse-a lot happier and healthier. 

I recommend Seimei for Laminitis, sucking wind, or any injuries of any kind.


As the head teacher and long time horsewoman, I always love to work on horses because Seimei can help them so quickly. We went to visit the Horse Park in Santa Fe. We worked on two horses. One had a damaged leg and could not put weight on it. I used a technique I teach from Lesson 2 particularly focusing on the leg, and by the time I was finished, the horse was putting weight on the leg and was fine the next day. The other horse recovered from its problem of trauma within 48 hours. Nicola, Lead Teacher

- NN/NB, Santa Fe

Dogs & Seimei

My dog had a life threatening condition commonly known as Bloat, and needed an operation that I could not afford. Members from the Seimei community, my mother and I worked on him and he was restored to normal health (measured by repeat X rays and physical exam). Over five months have passed and he continues to do well; I am so grateful for Seimei and the communities of practitioners who have helped extend the life of my beloved pet.

- H.F. New York

Learning Seimei to Work on Pets


My dog, age 14, went into a condition called “vestibular event”…she suddenly lost all sense of equilibrium, balance, coordination and had very little vision. She was so frightened and disoriented that she could not stop trembling. The vet could not help her and said that most dogs of this age with this condition, would not survive without continuing downhill rapidly. A Seimei practitioner pulled Cheyenne completely out of the condition in 15 minutes without touching her or administering anything else. Cheyenne continued to recover. With just a few more sessions, Cheyenne was back on her feet and has been healthier, happier and more interested in life than before the illness. 

This was so impactful I wanted to learn more, know more and be able to affect change like this. I've been getting to know this aspect of myself for over ten years. It is always unfolding, but still powerful, still effective, and still one of my most favorite ways to say"wow."

- E.P. Santa Fe

Seimei: You Can Learn It


Quite a few people get into Seimei to work on their animals. I encourage you to find your passion with it and I will help you be effective and learn more about how to work on specific conditions for your loved ones (our pets as members of our family.)

- Nicola, Head Teacher

100 Different Conditions, Different Ages, and Different Histories


How is Seimei different from alternatives in the field today? You really have to decide yourself. I worked a health fair on a cruise ship and started out with one person. Two days later, 60 people were lined up from word of mouth. In four days I worked on 102 people, all with different conditions, and 98 got results in 15 m. or less without touching. Last week, several of us worked the Japanese Fair and worked on 118 people with 118 different conditions. We got 100% results. When asked how we do it, I say, "Go to Japan and get to know your own Seimei, this aspect of yourself. Then answer the question each time you use your Seimei."

- AB, Santa Fe

Seimei and Dying

I worked on my dog with cancer to alleviate symptoms and make her life more comfortable. It was a special bond and gift for a special friend.  S.K.


I am working now on my best friend of 50 years to help her with her last journey. She is almost completely pain free. (AB)

Here are her words: "I am calm, and Seimei alleviates my suffering. I am beyond grateful. My attitude is positive and I look forward more easily." (Dr. M.A.R., Chiropractor)


Here is a testimonial from a mom helping her daughter.

I learned Seimei to help my daughter who had cancer.  She was 6 at the time that I learned Seimei.  She had already been battling cancer for 5 years.  Seimei was a saving grace in her life as well as mine.  This was Elizabeth's 3rd battle with an aggressive brain tumor.  When doctors gave us an estimate of 2 more weeks to live in June 2012, I used Seimei more than ever.  Thankfully other Seimei practitioners were helping with long distance Seimei as I and others were using Seimei in person for Elizabeth. 

The two weeks to live turned into almost 9 months!  One of many stand out moments for me was a month before she passed.  She had a slow bleed coming from her ear.  I called the home nurse and she said it was due to the pressure building up in her head and that the bleed wouldn't stop until she passed.  I quickly called a Seimei teacher and she and I worked together to stop the bleeding within 30 minutes!  Elizabeth's ear never bled again in the remaining month we had with her. Thanks, Katie 


Note: There are many examples of how individuals have helped others during this time of transition.  Please contact us for more information.