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After students received the empowerment to use their Seimei in different ways, these were some of their comments:

"I would have paid twice the price for what I received. I could have gone on a vacation that cost much more and come back with only memories. I came back with a powerful, empowered Seimei! I am getting healthier and happier everytime I use it."

"I was extremely ill and addressed almost all my health problems through Seimei. Thank you." 

Seimei saved my life!  I contracted mononucleosis (ebstein-barr virus) and became so sick that I had to quit work.  The virus spread throughout my body and my organs were in the process of shutting down.  Nothing I tried really worked.  It was suggested that I try Seimei and I am so grateful I did.  I started getting regular sessions and 6 months later I was learning Seimei.  Things really started to change very quickly when I realized that the more I used my Seimei the better I felt.  I was healing myself through working on other people, pets, plants, food.  I started calling everyone I knew to see if they would let me practice what I was learning.  Learning Seimei was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Seimei is so much more than I thought it was; all aspects of my life just keep getting better and better!   

In 1947, Toshihisa Hiraki of Japan had the capability to know the power of one's Seimei intimately. He was born with a unique ability to use his Seimei, or Buddha Nature, for many things and later devised a system to awaken, or activate it in others and teach anyone how to study its unique application. Hiraki named our Vital Life Force Seimei (Say-May.) He is still alive and active in the organization today and is celebrating his 70th+ year on earth.

Hiraki knew that the mind takes primary control of our lives, so he devised a system to show mankind that more of ourselves exists besides the mind and body. He did this by developing a curriculum and letting people know that anyone can learn to use this unique part of themselves.

Hiraki calls our Seimei our inherent Buddha Nature. He gives this nature-this inherent part of ourselves-power in a special ceremony. Then it is "unbound" and can begin to move. Then he teaches us how to use it, understand it, and honor it.

Seimei has attributes of other complementary techniques, but is not like any one technique. It is unique unto itself and enhances other aspects of life and other modalities or practices.

The ceremony is performed in the heart of Seimei's birthplace, Saga Japan. There is nothing like this ceremony and to honor it, we do not try and describe it. We do encourage interested people to come to one of our Seimei Practice and Study Centers and to talk to those who have gone through the Ceremony to get a glimpse of its depth.

Because Seimei is “show and tell,” not “tell and show,” there are many applications of Seimei that exist, but don’t translate well in print because some aspects and applications of Seimei are too complex to describe; this is hard for Americans to accept! That's why we say Seimei is about "Practice First" and then "Discuss the Results."

Seimei is a unique and fun way to experience life in a different way. It is a results-based tool for humankind and has unlimited potential. Stories about the use of Seimei and the results can be viewed under Testimonials.  We demonstrate Seimei and note the results as a natural way of practice.


Pioneering world change by using our Seimei and helping people integrate the actions of Seimei into all aspects of their lives.

  • We are given the power which is unique; you don’t channel anything, and you don’t take on anyone’s pain. You work on your own health issues while working on someone else. The power is called Kibetsu.
  • We are given a Japanese form to follow which is the most effective and strategies to use for every health condition for yourself and whomever you work on.
  • We are results based. There is a clear check in process before and after to assess the results.
  • We are given the unique framework from the Founder, who is alive and involved in Seimei. The framework deepens as you move up the levels.
  • Seimei treats the body as a whole which means the lighter you become, the more positive impact you have on those around you.


To improve a specific health condition
To improve a specific health condition of a family member or pet

To work on plants and gardens

To work on food and drink so that it supports our bodies
To enhance our relationships, work conditions, profession or area of interest

To use this unique part of ourselves to solve problems and create change in our lives where we want it most!

Please visit a teaching and study center in your area to see the effectiveness of Seimei.