Thank you so much for working on Scotty. He slipped in his stall and had a back injury. The chiropractor was amazed at his progress and I am beyond grateful. Seimei works and is indeed really amazing.   -Nancy Nieto

We had a wonderful opportunity to bring one of our Equine Assisted Therapy horses for participation in a Seimei horse application seminar. She has had some issues with back discomfort. After the Seimei session she seemed less sensitive on her back for weeks after and her gait improved. It was also really amazing to see how quickly she became relaxed and comfortable during the session even though we were in a parking lot-not exactly the type of place a horse would pick to hang out! It was a bonus I got several human sessions as well and was helped to recover from a debilitating situation. I'm a believer all the way around!

-Karen Evans, Santa Fe, New Mexico

We have had excellent results working with the Seimei charms and directly on horses-so much so that it is now my passion. I work on horses regularly to improve their well being and my own. Please call us for a consultation. 

-Nicola Bertolo, Lead Seimei Instructor


If you are not a member, you may secure our services for your furr-family. Sessions vary by time and level of expertise. We encourage use of the Seimei Manipower charms in helping and recovery.

Read more Seimei Stories about how you can receive Seimei services on the Testimonial page.

Bartholomew: B-Dog slipped a disc and howled all night. A Seimei practitioner came to the house and in one session, B- Basset Hound was sleeping through the night. We used the charms and within three days he was walking on leash and within two weeks the series of sessions affected his physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  I can't thank you enough. Out of all the modalities we tried, Seimei  clearly worked fastest.  -Happy Mom (Non member)

My dog had a vestibular event that was so serious that the Vet did not have hope for his recovery.  I happened to mention it to an old friend and she did Seimei. That is how I learned about it and why I became a member. Not only did Cheyenne recover, she lived a long happy life. My new rescue gets Seimei daily to help her age gracefully.    -Elizabeth Pinson