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Would you like to try a Seimei session for your health condition? You can receive one in person, long distance, or at the healing clinics in Morristown or Santa Fe, New Mexico. If you cannot come to one of the clinics, you will be put in touch with a practitioner in your area so that you can experience the power and potential of Seimei.

We encourage you to come to one of our centers to experience the power of Seimei. Each month, hundreds of applications for Seimei are discovered. Or, call the office and receive a long distance demonstration.

At this time the power of Seimei is awarded in Japan by Toshihisa Hiraki himself. There you will see and meet hundreds of Japanese people who have integrated this power into their lives and use it in a variety of different ways. Please contact us for more information about exploring the power of Seimei for yourself and your loved ones. Once you travel to Japan, everything changes.

Reach Us

Clinic in NJ held at

21 Normandy Heights Road
Morristown NJ 07960--Visit us in the Terrace Room
Phone: 973-427-4530
Contact the NJ office at:
Outside NJ and Sante Fe contact

Clinic in Santa Fe, NM held at

1420 4th Street (Hiraki Center)
Contact the Santa Fe office at:

Thursdays in Summer 7-9; Saturdays in Winter 10-12

No reservations are required; first come first served.

All are welcome. Donation requested.