Japan Adventure

Temple Experience in Japan

Interested In Going To Japan To Be Awarded The Power Of Seimei?

The Awarding of Power Ceremony (Go Juki No Gi) in Saga, Japan is part of a seven day journey. Applicants leave the U.S. on a Thursday and due to the international date line, arrive on Friday. Flights are from your hometown to Fukuoka, Japan. Students are accompanied to Saga, Japan and register for the ceremony the next day. Applicants are actually applying as members to the U.S. Seimei Foundation as well as the Houjyushu Houjyukai Temple in Japan, where the initial Seimei ceremony takes place. Liability waivers must be filled out before travel.

Ceremonies are offered the 4th Sunday of the month and are scheduled by the number of students attending. The ceremony commences on Sunday and because you are now a member of the Temple in Japan, you can be allowed the prestigious honor of spending the night there and participating in wonderful activities if space is available.

Classes begin on Sunday after the ceremony and continue Sunday evening, & Monday.  Applicants are free to make their returning reservations on Tuesday or Wednesday. All applicants must agree to this schedule. Free time in Japan can be before or after the scheduled events. There are wonderful activities along the way that will delight the traveler (hot healing baths, meditations, additional ceremonies, etc.)

There is an option to participate in a Seimei Festival and other Ceremonies which would extend the trip by another seven days.

"I invite you to learn about this aspect of your own Buddha Nature. I want people to use this part of themselves-your inherent, wonderful Seimei, and to explore the possibilities of how you will use it for yourself and humankind. I truly wish for you what I, and thousands of others, have discovered: that when we move from our Seimei, our life is filled with motion and endless connections. Please join me and I will show you, in Japan, what you have known you could do all along...now you will have the power which will let you make change time and time again with consistent, clean, amazing results."


Seimei is just not a pain relief technique. Talk to any student who has been awarded the power of Seimei and they can tell you how awakening their Buddha Nature and learning the applications has put power and motion behind everything they do because they have a powerful, moving Seimei.

Once you go to Japan, you will develop your own relationship with the teachers and students there. Imagine being able to be immersed in this other world, the world of Seimei in Japan, and being able to call the Seimei temples there "home." It is in fact, home to your Buddha Nature-your Seimei." Nicola Bertolo, Head Instructor and Level 8 Teacher.

Please call 973-427-4530 for information about our trips and this unique experience.

Once you return from your trip to Japan we will continue your study of Seimei at either the center in New Jersey or Washington. Please go to the STUDY tab for more information about upcoming trips once travel has been resumed.

How Deep Can I Go?

At Seimei practice, we quiet our minds through chanting, use perfect basic form to manifest physical changes and share experiences using our enlightened Buddha Nature. Next we focus on improving the health and well-being of our members by working on each other with learned applications. We talk about and practice new applications which open new doorways and depth. We share our unique skills on the general public for practice and to be philanthropic and help our communities. We then move into the week with our Seimei recharged and new confidence. The depth continues from there. We have a supportive results-oriented community to help with challenges and integrated practice. We look forward to meeting you and doing Seimei with you.

Journey to Japan: Deep, Deeper, Deepest

Trips are 4th Sunday of the month and scheduled around the number of students going;  you receive 10 hours of the 50 hours of classes in Japan.

Deep: This is the initial experience which begins on a Friday (you fly in by Friday and do remember you lose a day due to the date line) and you depart on Wednesday...the entire trip time is about 7 days. You fly into Fukuoka Japan (Island of Kyushu.)  (Sightseeing however can be done beforehand or after.) Then you take the train to Saga, home of the Place of Jyouka (Sacred Space of an Enlightened Seimei) and register for the Enlightenment Ceremony which takes place on Sunday. You will be a member of the Houjyushu Houjyukai temple and can visit any of ten temples throughout your lifetime. A member of good standing pays annual dues (currently about $110.) Special ceremonies and festivals deepen your practice at these temples, and the main temples are in Saga. On Monday evening, you can depart or go deeper. There are many experiences in these four days. All deepen the connection with your Seimei. They are structured and everything moves quickly-this is  how it is done in Japan! The entire experience is profound, sacred, and helpful to living a full and wonderful life. Many members return to Japan after their first experience to deepen their understanding of this part of themselves. A translator is provided along with some transportation. The trip is very well organized and students feel well taken care of on their journey.

Deeper: Special Calligraphy Award: This journey extends the initial experience through the following Tuesday (1st Tuesday of the month), so seekers have time to integrate their first experiences, rest or sight-see on their own, and then return to the temple to receive their own hand-scribed Gohonzon, or Sacred Scroll. Students pay for this scroll and keep it in their home or business to chant to and help organize the space in a more sacred manner. During the week, students are welcome at the Temple.  This trip is about 14 days. Many people choose this option to experience more of Japan, integrate all their experiences, and return with their Gohonzon.

Deepest: This journey extends the trip to the following Monday. Students partake the full Seimei experience which shows the depth and context of Seimei by going to the Festival and participating in personal ceremonies, strengthening their relationships to members and to the sacred Place of Jyouka. Time: About 19 days

The Festival takes place at the big temple up a sacred mountain and is the first Sunday of the month. 

Returning students usually select the "Deepest" Journey and fly in to chant, do practical application and go to the Festival where deeper Seimei exchanges take place.They sometimes fly in early to receive their Gohonzons (you can obtain one for the home and the business) and then stay for the special festivals. Each experience changes you and your Seimei through the processes of transmission, practice, and attendance.

Students must go through an interview and be worked on several times to apply to go to Japan. Please contact the Foundation if you are interested in receiving the power for yourself.

Enjoy your Journey to Japan-they are all wondrous.


"Seimei is magical but not. Like having the force with you, but practical. I came home from Japan and started taking away people's pain and I actually still can't believe it. Some of the experiences I've had have been so moving when I move other people's Buddha Nature. A funny thing happened along the way to getting to this point. I received a Seimei demonstration, as did my daughters. Each time, the results, whether long distance or in person, were palpable. I was planning to go to Japan, but the expense was really holding me back. I made the decision not to go.

I was so sad the next day. Then I realized it was actually my Seimei that was sad. That was the deciding factor for me. It was an investment in the higher part of myself and I want to honor and care for that part. I'm so grateful for this opportunity in my life. Thank you to all the practitioners out there that realized that Seimei is more than pain relief and share their Seimei with people like me. It is a way of life and an upgrade to my life.  Everything is different. You can go on vacation to Japan or Asia or on a Safari, but when do you get to go to Japan and come back with a moving Seimei? I love this part of my identity. I am so much lighter as I work through my own health issues, that a year later, my children's lives are healthier and I just bought a new home with my new husband. Life is very, very good with Seimei!"

S.M., 2015 student